Etymology of the name "Gadabout" derives from its Polish counterparts "Powsinoga"

  • someone who restlessly moves from place to place seeking amusement or the companionship of others
  • a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship



We are not afraid to create bold events such as open concerts and closed parties. We deal with booking dates and venues of concerts for the most popular artists in Poland. Handling the production, advertisement and promotion of all kinds of thematic events and performances, also on special orders, is our specialty.

We represent, depending on the situation, both artists before clients and clients before an artist. We have been responsible for arranging various types of banquets, closed and open parties for companies, and much more different events of an artistic flavour all over the country for over 10 years.

We comply with all formalities connected with hiring trusted premises (pubs, clubhouses, backstage accommodation etc.), employing sound companies, caterers of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and any other types of products, services and artist expectations that are necessary to make a particular project fulfilled and successful.


  • booking dates of concerts, tours and closed events for the most recognizable music bands in Poland
  • negotiating contracts and signing agreements with bands, DJs, announcers and VIPs bodyguards
  • negotiating for media sponsorship and patronage
  • advertising and promoting placement
  • human resource management


The legend of the alternative Toruń scene, where Nicolaus Copernicus comes from ... In the original ethnic form, the group began its activity in 1999. Over the years, the lineups have changed and genres have changed in which musicians told their emotions. Always the main message was the sincerity of the message and artistic freedom. The composition of the team has been the most crystallized and coherent for several years. In this new form, the band has recorded CDs: "Bruno z Grudziądza", which is a musical illustration for the poetry of Ryszard Milczewski Bruno and the album "Won To Now" - a full author's position.

The material "Nowotworzenie" presented in 2018 is, as usual in the case of Gribojedow, a concept album. The leitmotifs are reflections and questions appearing at the time of confronting a man with problems such as anxiety, illness or doubt. The record's conclusion is a call to fight and an attempt to create hope.

It's post-rock, with lots of space, surprising sounds, as well as emotions that create honest energy.

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Eklektik Session is an international artistic platform and a series of events taking place in Wrocław, using the festival formula. In order to promote and integrate creative circles, cultural integration and enabling dialogue between artists representing various styles and genres in music and other aspects of culture and art, every year we prepare a special event—an international festival and a meeting of creators in Wrocław. The concerts are accompanied by discussions and educational exhibitions. After the success of Punkt Eklektik Session 2014, a project spanning the entire year, with participation of artists connected with the Norwegian Punkt Festival, for another instalment of the Eklektik Session we will collaborate with the National Forum of Music in Wrocław.

Artistic director (creator of the Eklektik Session platform) is Radek ”Bond” Bednarz.

Should you have any questions concerning our service feel free to contact us.


(alias Smoke Detector)

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